Company Profile

HSIEN CHINIS TRADING CO., LTD. is a huge Gardening Materials Wholesale Shopping Center and is founded in Taiwan in 1985. It was called "先進行"(Hsien Chins Shop) in the beginning. The company founder uses "To advance" as a business spirit, uphold the spirit of one step at a sustainable operation, and expect the company to continue to outstanding progress. Initially HSIEN CHINIS started trading with foliage plants and potted flower cultivation media and devices such as orchid flower gardening materials as the main business, and finally gradually extended to all kinds of pots, Garden Landscape, Agriculture and Gardening tools, Gardening Accessories, Ceramic Flowerpot, Ceramic Flowerpot, Gardening Materials, Plastic Pots, Sphagnum Moss, Chilean Moss, Peru Moss, China Moss. Now HSIEN CHINIS gradually extend gardening material to the international import and export trade.

Business Philosophy

From early, HSIEN CHINIS TRADING CO., LTD. always regards the customer service, quality and efficiency as the first priority. The satisfaction and trust of customers is as the company's most important cornerstones of sustainable development. There are two main goals. One is our constant pursuit to provide customers with a full range of choices. The other is providing convenient purchase environment. Then, we will bring horticultural beauty to everyone's home. In the future, the company will also offer more diversified services and produce more products to meet customer needs.

Gardening is an important part of people's lives. Taiwan is founded on agriculture which brings the prosperity at present. Agriculture is the link between humans and nature; you can also say that it is the connection between people, with mutual cooperation and the learning to listen. The most important thing is that we can use these skills to help create a healthier, friendlier society. Hold your step for a moment and feel the harmony, life and vitality, and you will see the nature has added a warm touch in our life.

Cooperation Unit

  • We provide landscape gardening materials for construction companies and landscape engineering companies.
  • We provide landscape gardening materials for famous five-star grand hotels and leisure farms.
  • We provide gardening materials and export flowerpots for major large orchid nursery.
  • We provide landscape gardening materials for landscape designers and floral gardening classroom.
  • We provide landscape gardening materials for universities and horticulture related departments.
  • Exhibitors Activity Experience

  • Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
  • Taiwan International Orchid Show (Since 2005)
  • Taiwan Orchid Plantation Orchid dream factory stagnation Point
  • Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) Nanjing Leisure Square Stagnation Point
  • Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) Bridge Leisure Square Stagnation Point
  • National Pingtung University of Science and Technology School’s Teaching Demonstration
  • 2014 Taipei City’s t Environmental Education Materials Provider
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